About Us

Melbourne School of Music was established in Parkville in 1983 by Don Kiritsopoulos and Jenny Ford. In 1985 we moved to Mitcham and established our second studio and the Head Office.

From Bach to the Blues……… Whether you’re six or sixty; whether your tastes lie with Frederic Chopin, Franz Liszt, Mauro Giuliani and Joaquin Rodrigo or with Gary Moore, Johnny Highland and Dave Grusin; whether you’ve just started or you’re at a tertiary level; whether you are interested in acquiring professional qualifications or simply interested in pursuing music for fun – we can provide the assistance and guidance through an organised and structured program to develop your playing and your knowledge of music much further than you may have thought possible.

Regardless of what instrument or what style of music a student is studying, we teach all our students to read music properly from the outset. We believe that this is an essential skill for all musicians ….. even guitarists!

Although reading is much more difficult and more complex than students first imagine, having this ability is a key factor in opening up the world of music. Having this skill will enable you to pick up a piece of music that you have not heard before and be able to play it. If you have to hear a piece of music played before you can play it – it simply means you can’t read music. We don’t believe that being illiterate is an advantage!

Once a student is proficient at reading music, we shift our emphasis to developing his or her aural skills. We believe that just as having the skill to read music is an asset, so too is the ability, in certain situations, to listen to a piece of music and work it out by ear.

All our lessons are conducted on a private, one to one basis, enabling us to focus our attention on each individual student and their particular requirements.

We don’t offer group classes because we know that students have varying degrees of ability, some have more free time to devote to practice and some are simply more disciplined and diligent than others. Consequently, students invariably progress at very different rates. Private one on one lessons allow us to progress students at a pace that is suited to the individual. We teach 50 weeks of the year and we don’t cancel lessons.


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Theory of Music & Harmony


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