Contact Us

We can be reached on 9873 5526 from 9am to 11pm seven days a week and if we are teaching, or not available to speak at length, we can easily arrange to call you back at a mutually convenient time.

Alternatively you can call either Don or Jenny directly on their mobiles.

Don: 0419 886 731
Jenny: 0419 553 802

If you are serious about studying music either as a future profession, or purely for fun, please call us on the above numbers and we will be more than happy to spend time talking to you to answer any and all of your questions.

Please do not ask questions via text (sms) to our mobile phones. We do not like to play sms ping-pong!

Similarly, we don’t feel that email is the appropriate way to get information. Call us anachronistic if you like, but we feel that although there is a place for texting and email……making initial enquiries is not it. Obtaining information as to what exactly we teach, how we teach, what days we are at the different studios, what times we have available in our time-table and what our fees are, are all things that can be explained clearly and efficiently in a short phone call.