Melbourne Guitar Lessons

Don Kiritsopoulos offers professional electric, acoustic and classical guitar lessons in Melbourne, for beginners to advanced students, from both the Mitcham and Parkville studios. His students range in age (literally!) from seven to seventy.

Don graduated with an honours degree in guitar from Melbourne University in 1984, having previously studied at the Melba Memorial Conservatorium of Music where he completed a Diploma of Music.

Although trained as a classical guitarist, Don is also a very competent and experienced electric and steel-string acoustic guitarist. He played electric and acoustic guitar professionally for several decades in a wide variety of bands, ranging from Rock to Latin American and Greek. He has played at various nightclubs and cabarets as well as at numerous corporate functions, balls and receptions. He is proficient in many styles of music, but is particularly fond of playing blues, standards and country-rock.

He is even known to occasionally pick up a five-string banjo!

Don is a past theory examiner with the Australian Music Examinations Board and a lecturer at a tertiary level. At Australian Catholic University he lectured in Harmony and Counterpoint. At the Melba Conservatorium of Music, now part of Victoria University, he lectured in History of Music, Harmony and Counterpoint and Classical Guitar. In addition, Don is a very experienced electric, acoustic and classical guitar teacher and he taught for several years at various grammar schools including Methodist Ladies’ College, Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar and Korowa Anglican Girls’ School. In 1983 he established Melbourne School Of Music with Jenny Ford. He now teaches exclusively at Melbourne School Of Music.

Don has written progressive methods for both modern guitar and classical guitar, with the emphasis in the early years on developing correct technique and becoming proficient at reading. With the more advanced students, the emphasis during guitar classes shifts to the study of harmony and the exploration of the different styles of music, as well as studying pieces with increasing technical difficulty.

He firmly believes that all music students should be proficient at reading music. Consistent with his belief that all musicians, including guitarists, should be literate, he does not teach via tabs, tricks, licks or riffs. In Don’s opinion, it is not enough to just teach students to play by rote. The study of music theory and the history of music and later the study of harmony are all essential to enable students not only to read music, but also to understand it. Music theory and history therefore, are included in all guitar classes from the outset. The theory books used have been co-written by Don and Jenny and are published under Melbourne School Of Music.

As a modern and classical guitar teacher, Don teaches a very broad range of musical styles; from Classical to Blues, to Rock, Pop, Latin, Standards and even Greek and Celtic. There are however, certain styles that he has no interest in whatsoever, namely Heavy Metal and Modern Jazz.

Unfortunately, like most guitarists, Don suffers from GAS (Guitar Acquisition Syndrome). His favourite guitars include a Yamaha Image Custom, PRS Custom 24, Fender USA Telecaster, Fender USA Stratocaster, Ovation Elite, Ibanez AR250 and Alhambra Classical Guitar….


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