Music Theory Lessons in Melbourne

We cater for all levels of music theory, from the rudiments to advanced harmony and we have written our own comprehensive course, including text-books and examination papers.

The first three grades of our music theory lessons in Melbourne cover the fundamentals of music and are mandatory in enabling students to learn to read music. After grade three, theory becomes more involved, with the introduction of the study of harmony. Harmony is the study of how chords and melody work together. Although it is not an easy subject to master, it is essential if a student wants to understand what they are playing.

It’s one thing to play a piece of music, it’s quite another thing to understand it.

We believe that the study of the theory, which leads to the study of harmony, is both relevant and essential to all styles of music and should be part of every students’ education.

Harmony, when taught properly, teaches the student to understand the relationship between melody and chords and to appreciate both syntax and vocabulary.

It is the study of harmony that eventually leads to composition, and unlike many schools, colleges, universities and other teaching institutions, we put the cart after the horse, not before it! We teach the rudiments first, followed by harmony and then composition. We don’t encourage our students to begin composing two weeks after they have bought their first instrument.

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