This really depends on what instrument you wish to play.

For piano or keyboard, students can begin as young as five years old. For guitar, usually seven or eight is a more suitable age.

Parents should note however, that with younger students, more parental involvement is required at home when the student is practising. We have found that where the children are supervised and assisted at home, their progress is considerably enhanced.

Am I too old to learn?

Many adults fear that they are too old to begin playing an instrument. They’ve heard that you need to start playing when you’re a child. This is not true.

Our beginner students range from five to seventy-three.

Of course, in an ideal situation, it would be better if you’d started learning at an early age. But youth is not everything. Many adults learn faster than children. The most important things are commitment and discipline.

Of course a little talent doesn’t go astray either and talent is the one thing you can’t buy, borrow or learn!

Remember however that talent is not restricted to the young and it is only one of several things required to learn to play an instrument.